Saturday, February 26, 2011

BMW M3 & BMW M5 Cars Wallpapers and images with Review and specification

We are adding some cars information like BMW M3 & BMW M5 Cars Wallpapers and images with Review and specification

BMW M high-performance engines that come with:
• High Pressure Double VANOS for steplessly variable intake- & exhaust-valve timing
• Individual, electronically controlled throttle body for each cylinder. M Dynamic

Driving Control provides two driver-selected settings for throttle response—Normal mode,

and faster-acting Sport mode (M5 only)

• A special lubrication system to ensure positive lubrication under the high acceleration

& cornering loads these engines generate

• All models are equipped with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), BMW’s comprehensive

traction-control & stability-enhancement system, with special BMW M logic to accommodate

their high performance and sporty nature for which they are engineered

M3 Coupe & M3 Convertible

• Based on the 3 Series Coupe & Convertible but extensively modified, upgraded and

equipped for high performance and superior road handling

New for 2003: M3 Coupe only

• The Power Seat Package no longer available. Its features (power front seats with

memory, adjustable backrest bolsters and 4-way power lumbar support) are now available as

a stand-alone options
• Powered by the amazing 333-horsepower S54 6-cylinder engine, acceleration from 0-60 mph
BMW M5 V10 vs BMW M3 6-Speed-Drag Racing
can be achieved in 4.8 sec. (Coupe).
• Standard 6-speed manual transmission
• Optional Sequential Manual Gearbox II (SMG II):

New M5

• Powered by BMW M V-8 engine, the most powerful production BMW M engine ever
• 5-liters, 394 hp, 368 lb.-ft. torque
• G-sensitive lubrication system
• 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds
• 6-speed manual transmission
• BMW M aluminum suspension system

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